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Comprehensive Cabin Restoration in Breckenridge, CO

Our results speak for themselves. We complete every service we offer with accuracy, quality, and pride. We promise you'll love the job our log cabin painters do for you, and we back it up with a 3-year guarantee.

Log Cabin Restoration in Breckenridge, CO

Completed Home Exteriors

Log Cabin Painting in Breckenridge, CO
Cabin Painter in Breckenridge, CO

Exterior Preparation



Interior Painting and Finishes

Door and Furniture Finishes

And More!

Treehouse Finish Before and After

Stone Mosaic Work

Remember, at Luis Alvarez Contract Painting, we love to finish and re-finish all kinds of log homes, log cabins, and log lodges as in staining, or re-staining, chinking or re-chinking, all kinds of caulking and check caulking, plus all interior finishing as in staining and lacquers, and all kinds of finishes, including faux. Thank you, and we hope you give us a call; we are 100% dedicated to leaving a world-class log home finish.

Bringing Out the Look You’ll Love

The right finish does multiple jobs at once, every second of every day. It was to protect the materials beneath it from the elements while also providing the right style and beauty for your property. Our specialty with our finishing and cabin restoration in Breckenridge, CO, is proving professional-grade coats and service that allow you to realize the full value and ideal look of your building.


Dedicated to prompt and exceptional results, we supply the skill you need to enjoy your scenic getaway without a hassle. In any weather and every season, our finishes stand up to the Colorado climate and continue to impress long after our team leaves. That way, you get rustic elegance that lasts.


Covering More than Cabins

Though we frequently work with log cabins, our work extends to other areas, including commercial painting, door and furniture finishes, and more. From treehouses to stone mosaics, our team’s versatile capabilities give you more options with higher quality workmanship across multiple projects. Of course, you can always expect the same level of dedication and commitment to customer service on every job we work.


See how we can help you protect wood against the elements, stay warm with professional caulking, and increase home value with personalized finishes. Our gallery is full of examples from some of our many projects. The same quality and expertise are only a call away when you have our number.


Contact us today to get our proven results for your restoration project. We proudly serve Breckenridge, CO, and the surrounding areas.