Log Cabin Painting, Breckenridge CO
Cabin Painting, Breckenridge CO

Breathe new life into your traditional log cabin with the assistance of Luis Alvarez Contract Painting. We offer a range of cabin restoration services in Breckenridge, CO, to finish and refinish all types of log homes, cabins, and lodges. Our skilled painting contractors have the experience and equipment needed to give your property a new finish, ensuring that it looks exactly how you want.


We work on residential properties of every shape and size, and our team has developed a reputation for delivering first-rate services to our clients. Whether we are making over a single room or your entire property, our professional painters know what it takes to transform your living environment.


Additionally, when handling your log home refinishing, our team will ensure that the new colors on your walls look amazing. Whether you prefer a single color, multiple colors, or unique accents, we will always choose the tones and tints that truly represent your design style. Contact us to learn more about our cabin painting services and let our team make your log structure look as good as new again.

Committed to Restoration

Keeping your log cabin or other wood-sided structure looking its best is difficult work. The wrong choice of color can make your home or cabin appear featureless and dull, lowering the curb appeal and value of your property. Thankfully with our help, we will ensure that your home looks its best and that its color gives the highest visual appeal.


When handling your structure’s restoration, our team will always ensure that your surfaces are fully prepared to receive a fresh coat of paint or stain. Once your walls are prepared, we will take care of your log cabin restoration. We will ensure that your structure retains its classic feel while working to highlight the architectural details of your home.


Working Inside and Out

As with many wood sided structures, your log cabin requires regular touch-ups to maintain its beautiful and unique appearance. With our painting restoration solutions, we will work to keep your property looking its best while matching the colors of your new paint to your existing surfaces. This way, the touched up interior or exterior walls will still fit with the overall design aesthetic of your home.

Cabin Restoration Services in Breckenridge, CO